Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally, the pairing I have been waiting for

OH YES. THAT's what I am talkin' about! Brandan and Kayla paired up in SYTYCD. I have said from the beginning that no one could touch either of these two, and now, seeing them together, just proves it. They blow the other dancers out of the water.

so yeah. The voters better get it right, since they were stupid last week, and got rid of my second favourite gal.

And can I say that I love disco. I pride myself on being a pretty good disco dancer, but holy crapoly....


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The case of the curiously NON skrinking stomach

HOLY CRAP I am hungry!

One bad weekend of overeating and lots of drinking, and all of a sudden your stomach is a cavernous, yawning, gaping hole that grumbles, mumbles and works every second to distract you from life as you know it. I can't even think right now!

So takes a number of days to get your stomach down to a size where the signals you get from your brain are actual hunger. Down to a point where the right portions actually become somewhat filling. I'm not there right now. But I soon will be, because I've been there, done that, before, and so I can do it again.

And I have a side bet with a friend to get me through those times when it simply doesn't matter, and what I really want is a bag of chips and maybe even a Big Mac....and heaven help me when that happens!

Monday, July 27, 2009

AMEN sistah!

Yes. Well said. A blog I follow, written by a VERY smart woman, had this to say recently.

Eating healthy is not just hard to do, it is made more difficult by our culture, which is about all things unnatural, easy, lazy, convenient, and BAD FOR US. And it all tastes so damn delicious. sigh. The constant fight continues....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesdays - now offering a better menu

Finally. Tuesdays have been one of those days that I am often home in the evening, and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING has been on television! So little time in our lives to relax and watch tv, and no, we still don't have a pvr...

So yeah... we now have Chef Ramsay's badass screaming obsentities at fumbling kitchen puppets now! Yippee!!!! I love watching people in Hell!

Monday, July 13, 2009

When personalities clash

but you can't get away...what do you do?

Just have a drink and relax, I guess.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another evening, another glass of wine

So far, so good. Eating well, played some beach volleyball tonight, and tomorrow night is another workout. I am excited to see positive change - and I know it will come, because I have seen it come before, and unless something is wrong physiologically, then the shape will come back, the stomach will dissipate, and thighs will firm up, and the energy and positivity will flow back in, and honestly? It will be VERY WELCOME....

Here's to making things happen for oneself and gittin' er' done.

My new motto: "Make Yourself Happy"

I like it, do you? If you had a current motto, what would it be?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Putting it in reverse

I'm now on the official road to recovery. I found myself heading at breakneck speed to a big town called 'Heftyville', and so now I have firmly put the car in reverse and am heading back home to 'Big-Boned but Athletic City'!

I may not be able to move my arms, shrug my shoulders or scrub my back right now, but I'm back on the "Lean & Fit" way of life. The diet, however, is 70% of the battle, and in our current - Big Mac I'm Lovin' It' - world, eating lean protein, green leafy veggies, and avoiding salt, sugar and saturated fat (I mean, SERIOUSLY) is like asking a dehydrated man trapped in the desert not to drink when offered a big, icy glass of cold water. It's truly a mental and physiological feat.

So what can a gal do? Well, one thing that worked last time I dropped all my weight was to avoid night time snacking by indulging in a long, slow, full glass of red wine. I nurse this thing each night for as long as possible so that all of a sudden I will look up and it will be bedtime. Or at least that's the theory. But right now, I am really hungry and there is a big bag of nachos and some salsa SCREAMING my name.

But I digress. Some workouts, some beach volleyball and even some swim workouts at lunch, paired with some BETTER eating, and this should work.

However it feels like a prison sentence sometimes to know that my metabolism, as it slows down, means I can't just eat for desire and flavour and enjoyment. Eating is now a science to be studied and followed, and straying will result in other, less desirable outcomes. Sad. So brutal.

But I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna look HOT, right?

I want some chips...