Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And then I smell them

They scream when I lay them down to change their diapers.

They wait until I look away, just for a moment, then fall - and then scream.

They choose to get hungry at the same time, so that one of them tears my heart out with their plaintive wails.

They rarely work around my schedule (!). We don't make it very many places on time these days.

They poop, and poop, and then poop again.

They drool, oh gawd how they drool.

They fuss, and wail and cry for many many reasons.

And then.  Then I lift them up into my arms, bend over them, kiss their heads, and breathe in the smell.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heading out to Insmill

FIVE days, my friends, only five days until we get the keys to our new home and pack up the memories, growing pains and amazing times along with the furniture and the knick nacks.  That, and move the most precious cargo we will ever have over to their new digs.  This is huge.  I've been sneaking in a box or two here and there and even took artwork off the wall today, so yeah, it's looking like a move is imminent now!

We bought our little home back in 2003 and moved in when my hubby and I were only dating. I bought it with my own financing, on only my little salary (at the time). We bought it the day it went on the market because we had been searching for weeks for the right place in the right location that fit our budget.  Believe me, we knew the minute it came up that we wanted it because frankly?  We knew that there was only one or two places in town that had anything close to what we wanted.  With already two second showings booked for the next day, and nothing else comparable on the market, somehow or other our offer was accepted on that very night. (We won't talk here about the fact that both of us were living with our parents at the time or about the incident in my car in a parking lot on the Rockliffe parkway.)

We thought we were the luckiest couple in the city.

It's crazy to think of everything we have been through here, and all the memories we created. Marriage, three miscarriages, birth of twins, job changes...and a lot of fun and adventure in between.  And yeah, the house itself went through a lot with us as its loving parents, starting with ripping out the main floor carpet immediately, and ending with a new nursery with a lot in between (and a lot you don't immediately see - furnace, air conditioner, roof....I HATE those bills. You know, the ones you just HAVE to pay for but aren't as tangible or pretty or picturesque).  Along the way, I blogged about some of the bigger changes.  The new kitchen, the new basement, the babies' nursery, our garden/deck.  It's fun to look back to see what got us to the point that this was how it presented for sale.

And now we have another home, and more opportunity to make it our own.  No, nothing needs to be done to it. It's lovely.  But, I am already envisioning the future, and that future has an even better, more personalized kitchen, and new paint colours, furniture and decor. At its centre is a growing, funloving, active family in a wonderful neighbourhood.  I can't wait to explore our future in our new home.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa

What can I say about how special it is to have Grandma and Grandpa here in town, loving the girls, laughing with them, and just generally supporting us in every way?  It is simply an amazing feeling, and at times a blessed relief, to know they are there.  On days when I know we are going to see them, I feel thankful, relieved and relaxed knowing it will be a smooth and fun day.  We are all winning, and that feels good.

So yeah, Grandma and Grandpa are coming over today.  We are going swimming, and having fun, and laughing and hangin' out. It's icing on the cake, too, that they are stickin' around so that Daddy and Mommy can have a date night - dinner and a movie (Bad Teacher better be good - we haven't been to a film in AGES). 

I love my girls' Grandma and Grandpa.  I loathe the idea of them heading to Arizona this winter.