Monday, June 28, 2010

The hourglass is half full, people!

This weekend, we hit the 20 week mark - and that's actually the halfway mark for a normal pregnancy, but having seen the stats this past weekend at the multiple birth classes, there were NO deliveries of twins past 40 weeks at the Civic, thus...uh...we are past the halfway point.

What does this mean? Um...apparently it means my feet are all of a sudden gonna start swelling ('cause that's what happened).  It means that I finally seem to be growing quickly (and by deduction, so must the babies be growing). And it means that I'm starting to finally get a little uncomfortable. I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far, but I know the tough part is on the way.  And the recent onslaught of heartburn hasn't been a welcome addition either!  BUT.

It's all worth it, right?

And so I have had a bummy, poopy, hormone-down kinda day today, but because the heat is on outside and the sun is shining, I am going to try to turn the tide by hitting the outdoor city pool shortly.  Nothing better than swimming under the sun.  Granted, there are guaranteed to be a number of unsupervised kids splashing around, so tranquil it won't be, but life won't be very tranquil for much longer, so I best get used to that environment, hmmmm?

How about you?  What did you do to get out of a hormonal funk while pregnant?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It all starts here...Ready, set, GO!

So almost feels like this week is when the pregnancy was all of a sudden 'legitimate' and we hit the ground running.  We have an immense amount to do, but more than learn!  Tomorrow marks our first of three multiple birthing classes, and ready or not (especially for my husband), we're gonna be exposed to all sorts of new things - and likely images - and all of a sudden, it's going to be very REAL, you know?  It's friggin' exciting...

Also, we've decided on a number of items for the babies - our little girls - and are entirely confused over many other decisions to be made. That is where my mommy friends and readers will hopefully weigh in.  You will see that I have added a tab here on this blog called the wish list that is, essentially, going to act as a 'registry in progress', starting out as a list of what we THINK we want, transition based on feedback into final decisions as to the list of must haves, and then become the 'official' registry. mommas out there, sharpen your editing skills and help a girl out!

Hoping to get a number of items up on the list tonight, but please feel MORE than free to make suggestions for this hapless new mommy to be of twins in advance of the lists - any help is welcomed, and links to the products you are recommending are even better!

Things to keep in mind:
  • We have a small home with limited storage, but we are having twins.  How the heck can we avoid getting two of everything, and where are there opportunities to pick up 2, 3 and 4-in-one convertible items
  • Although I hate pink, I know we will put pink physically ON the little ladies, however the nursery will be decorated in white with white furniture and bright, saturated coloured photos and hopefully blankets, crib sheets etc. If you know where I can get crib sheets n stuff that isn't pastel and filled with little cartoon characters, let me know!
  • We know what stroller we want and what car seats we want, but the rest is up for debate.  Please debate - it will help us be certain of what we want!
So yeah.  New carpets are now on order, paints have been researched and will be purchased soon, and ya know...stuff is happening!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motley Crue sang about it, and we're gonna live it...Girls, Girls, Girls!

Yes, the ultrasound revealed...our home will be FILLED with giggles, flirtatiousness, pink clothing (gak) and a lack of pee pee tee pees - 'cause we're having TWO GIRLS.

Didn't expect that, really.  Don't know why, but all the kids on my hubbie's side have been boys, and I just for some reason thought that we'd have at least one boy, but girls are great, and we can't wait...

But just so we are will be worn as CLOTHING only due to necessity (don't want those well-meaning ooers and aaaahers mistaking them for boys, just 'cause they are in red or something), but the nursery will be decorated with primary, bright colours, which kids love.  And Barbies?  We'll see how long I can avoid them and push the Lego.  Sports, ladies?  Let's go swimming instead, or play catch!

We are very for name picking!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay - new layout options, blog layout!

I can't tell you how sick I was of that old layout! 

So here we are, with updated background, intro, and even a twitter feed.  What do you think (noting, of course, that this free blogging platform is still quite limited in what I can do)?

Refreshing, ain't it?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time CANNOT move fast enough!

How do you even describe your excitement when you know that in less than 4 days, you might find out the gendre of your twins?  Girls? Boys? One of each? 

ARGH - I can't WAIT!

Today was such a great day.  Our garden is looking amazing, and our first 'discovery' trip to the baby shop (KiddyTown on St. Laurent - highly recommend) garnered quick and informed decisions on what baby seats we want, what playpen we'd like to get, and most importantly...we found an incredible double stroller option that sets to rest all my to-ing and fray-ing about what the hell to get!

So what are we getting (in case other Mom's are reading and need this info)?

The stroller - The City Select from Baby Jogger
The car seats - Graco Snug Ride 35
The playpen - Graco Pack & Play (can't find exact one online - but you get the picture - has the high adjustment, the change tray etc...)

Now...onto furniture - two cribs and likely one big dresser with a change tray/pad option etc...suggestions welcome - cheap but awesome is best...and modern.  None of this traditional turns into a wooden bedframe stuff....

Oh GAWD ... three days away.  So COOL!

When did you find out? Did you wait, or find out and why? What was it like and what was your reaction?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

And the panic starts to set in

So much to do.  Oh my gawd.  So much to buy, paint, renovate!  Started a little group to help try share info as we research where the heck to buy the best items for twins.  It's not so straightforward, ya know?  We don't need a cool stroller, we need a crazy tank of a system that is gonna work for two!  We don't need a playpen, we need a full-on baby station for the main floor so that we don't have to drag two babies up and down the stairs constantly for changes!

And yes, at 17 weeks, I am almost 1/2 way to the normal delivery time for twins, so Momma is getting a bit antsy!

Time to get busy!

Got suggestions?  Know great resources?  In the Ottawa area and expecting (or already have) twins?  Let me know here!!!