Monday, March 29, 2010

Growing things feels good

I can't say it much more plainly than that: creating things is fun, and growing a garden from seed is no different. A little over a week ago, I planted a wide variety of the 'early' seeds (meaning they don't totally love our short growing season, so we cheat it a bit and trick them in our little greenhouses inside our toasty heated homes). Heirloom tomatoes, romas, beefsteaks and yellow grapes. Sweet yellow and green pepper, jalapeno, poblano, serrano, habanero, fiery ember (we like things spicey!). Herbs - Lime, cinnamon, thai and sweet basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, celantro....I'm sure I am forgetting some. And, of course, some Marigolds (they are great to ward off pests).

My camera is busted...warped the lense, so can't show you my baby sprouts, but each day I come home and there are new little plants coming alive daily in my kitchen, and not the moldy sporey kind.

Yay for spring. Yay for gardens. Yay for creating life. Good times.

Oh!  An's a shot of my garden from the spring of last year, just for visual interest....!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music - Catharsis, relaxation and passion

From time to time I encounter people who aren't that 'into' music. Alan Rock did a The Ongoing History of New Music ditty that talked about the fact that some people are truly lacking the gene that appreciates patterns in rhythm, which, he says, is why humans are drawn to music and to creating sound and regular beats. He, of course, says this much more eloquently than I, but no matter...the point is that I have ALWAYS been passionate about music, and if I am tense, or stressed, or sad, or extremely happy - whatever my mental state - I need music. I just can't go very long without it.

Are you this way? Do you have radio stations set up and want to share your faves or tastes? I am an avid user of and would love to share some of my faves with you. Go to my station. Set up your own. Remind me of songs I am forgetting that are exceptional. And if you do this, and you want to share, add me as a favourite, and I will add you to mine. Fun stuff.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are you a handsome man?

In honour of the fact that my hubby bought us tickets today to the July Sting concert (with full orchestra accompanying him), I just had to share a video I heard about from a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel.  So very very funny.

Nice to see some actual funny guys upcoming to take over the likes of Dave and Jay. They're tired.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping GOLD!

All the ladies will understand this.

There are days when we trudge out to the shopping malls, with a mental list of the 'I really need's and everything is wrong.  So wrong that your ego takes a beating and each and every attempt to find something flattering or fun fails miserably and you quit the mall at closing time having picked up something for someone else, or some sort of accessory just to make you feel a little less like a torn-down, used-up and misshapen.

And then there are days of shopping GOLD, like I experienced yesterday.  The kind of day when you even find MORE than one bra that fits, which is like some sorta freaky miracle.  A CHOICE of bras to buy? Really? Is someone playing a trick? 

But seriously.  I had to put multiple pieces back yesterday because I could have come home with a new wardrobe - everything I tried on looked great and it was hard not to go overboard.  Talk about energizing!

What did I end up with?  Well, a pair of those cool new ortho runners for $6 (used a credit note), two free tops from Winners (used a gift card), pair of pinstripe dress pants and bra at 40% off (second item on sale), and at the final shop, I put back about half my choices but came away with two pairs of pants and another 4 tops - for only $200. 

Crazy good shopping day and days ahead where I feel good because I look good.  Win-win situations rock.

What's the best deal you've gotten lately, or the best success you've had? Got pix? (my camera lense is wrecked, so none from me....)

Friday, March 12, 2010

On the subject of taste

I have amazing taste.

I awoke on this, the morning of my second wedding anniversary, to find that the first message I got on Twitter (a DM) was a love note from my husband.

(insert hard day of work here)

I arrived back at home, and opened the door to find that the house had been cleaned and vacuumed, the sheets washed, and spring rolls were in the oven almost ready to go.  And now?  We're on our way to one of our favourite romantic spots to eat, Cabotto's, so that I can have their amazing linguini aragosta....mmmmmm that lobster is gonna be SO GOOD!

And I won't mention the card.  My guy's a real guy guy, so telling me verbally how he feels is challenging sometimes, but boy, he can write me to sentimental tears.

I, simply put, have excellent taste in men, or one, in particular.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Am I getting old, or just insanely jealous?

So, I'm trying to dig WAAAAY down deep to find out why I have so little interest in the Oscar's tonite. Is it because I'm getting old, and fairytales just don't appeal?  Is it because I'd be considered morbidly obese in tinseltown, and thus, I boycott while green with envy? I mean, I used to love to see what the women are I just see a lot of uncomfortable, and uncomfortably thin, women dressed like cheezy barbies and hoping the papparazzzzzzo with Luuuuuuuuurve them tomorrow.

Time for milk and some Oreo cookies - and to find something to watch tonite.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day - Whatever Gets You Through

Yeah....the collective 4 food group rating on my dinner tonight would be.... negative 45%. Ya know those days when your work day is tough, you are tired, nothing is planned for dinner, AND it's hump day....

It's a bloody boobie trap (ha - she said booby.  Well, if I grow, I tend to grow there too, so...). 

You get home, you collapse on the couch, your husband is already there, and you both look at each other and say "What do you want for dinner?"

Ultimately, you pick up the phone, order something nasty gooooood (tonight's devine mess was Wild Wings wings AND a side of poutine, folks.  I wasn't kidding -45%) and wait for indulgence to come to the couch.

So sad.

But, it got me through!