Twins Wish List

Well.  The girls are here, all is well with the world, and save for little items here and there, we have all we could possibly need.  All that is left is wants!

That said, I see from my analytics that a lot of people are still accessing this page. I know that when I was pregnant, I was searching for lists of what I needed to get for two babies, and so I think I will work on this page to build a nice list of what you should have for TWO babies in order to be prepared.
  • Snap up front diaper shirts. Lots of them. Newborn ones, 3 month ones, 6 month ones - until they can sit up, who wants to pull things over their heads? You need easy peasy and quick (I'm still buying them from Walmart at 12-18 months...).
  • Sleepers. Lots of them. Everyone is so keen to get you cute little outfits, but if it is winter, you just want sleepers.  Dealing again with anything you have to fuss with, especially socks (!!!) is just a pain.  So get really cute sleepers.
  • *Special tip* - If people give you newborn - 3 month old outfits (finicky, pull-over, requiring socks kinda outfits), return them immediately and buy sleepers and diaper shirts and/or exchange for same outfit, but in an older age, like 12 months, when they will actually wear the outfits!
  • One good swing that plugs in and goes both side to side and front to back. You will use it often, and don't need to break the bank on batteries. My girls can sleep sometimes for hours in that thing.
  • One good bouncy chair. We have two because they are smallish and can be on different floors of the house.  My recommendation? Without a doubt, the Bright Starts Automatic Bouncer.  Cozy, cute and more than that, it actually BOUNCES for you, not vibrates. Normally the bouncing has to be done by the parent, but guess what? This one does the bouncing.  Buy lots of batteries.  Once again the girls will sleep for hours in this.
  • A mobile with movement over their head.  We found the Rainforest mobile second hand. Don't know why they don't make them anymore, but my one girl will go to bed awake, stare at the mobile, and fall asleep.  Every time.  It's awesome.
  • Exersaucers - two of them.  They are the perfect place to plop the babies once they are old enough in order to a) take a shower b) feed yourself c) wash dishes d) prepare THEIR food, etc. etc. etc.
  • An iPhone or other smart phone.  You won't have time to get on your computer or open your laptop. You will, however, (especially when breastfeeding), be able to stay connected, post photos, update facebook status etc. with one hand. I would feel lost without my 'push present' iPhone!
  • Speaking of need a good pump.  Especially if you are a mom of multiples. We, given our issues with one twin and my supply issues, rented the hospital-grade Medela Symphony for the entire time that I breastfed (until 8.5 months)...
  • More to come....!