Monday, May 10, 2010

The Smokinators - a.k.a death by walking downtown

I never realized working right downtown would be so damned treacherous.  When the 'smokinators' are out (and they are out at all working hours), you walk the sidewalks at your own peril.  Walking to a destination?  The smokinators are walking ahead of you, billowing puffballs of carcinogenic smoke into your face behind them.  Meandering through a small courtyard with lovely trees and planters?  The smokinators are perched like so many pesky pigeons on the planters, sucking on their death sticks and blowing into your face as you pass.  Entering your workplace's building?  Hold your breath and don't breathe in until you are inside.

It's crazy!  Have people still not gotten the message about smoking?  I never realized just how many people still played that roulette game...

And for mommies to be?  It's downright angering to have to suffer through it.  I've taken to jogging ahead of these people and holding my breath.  Later in my pregnancy, I'm not sure jogging will be an option!

Okay...that's my rant for today.  Other than that, it was a good day.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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