Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the eve of our next appointment - Chinese Food!

It has been a REALLY long week.  Ups and downs, and a lot of attention paid to my sometimes moving, sometimes not moving, belly to see if Baby B is going to kick.  Lost weight initially and have only just now gotten back to my weight over a week ago. Eating plenty, so that's worrisome.  Just trying so very very hard not to worry too much, but it's mentally exhausting.

I won't get into our issue with the new carpeting, which was supposed to be done yesterday and enable us to start decorating the nursery.  More delays at a time when we don't need them...

So yeah.  Ultrasound tomorrow followed by meeting with the doctor at the General Hospital, our new care location from now forward.  Have a LOT of questions and really hoping to have a way forward and a few answers, even though I know we won't have all.  We're tired and anxious and so happy this day has finally arrived.

Until then, our wonderful neighbours have taken pity on us, and have suggested we go for Chinese food for dinner. 




Addendum from our meal:
I picked a fortune cookie with two fortunes inside, and hubby found a single packages fortune cookie with an accidental two fortune cookies inside...I'm liking those signs, my friends!

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