Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pump up the jam, baby!

So it finally happened. Sometime last night they ran out of my breastmilk to feed Hailey, and had to give her her first dose of formula. She didn't like it.

Neither did momma, who thought there was plenty in the freezer at CHEO as a backup, but apparently they had been going through it like an undisciplined, unsupervised child opening gifts on Christmas morning.

I was upset.

Crazy to be upset about this, I know, since the nurses infirm me it's almost unheard of that no supplements have been needed so far with twins in different places, but still...I was annoyed. And frankly? I've kinda had enough of the pumping. It's uncomfortable - borderline painful sometimes, and you feel like a cow hooked up to a Beatrice milking machine. Hell, if I WERE a cow, at least I could go to the washroom while being pumped!

But... We are in the homestretch now. Hailey is doing great, and is either being fed a bottle with MOSTLY breastmilk overnight by the nurses and is exclusively on my breast during the day. We are really close to blowing this Popsicle stand...


  1. When I was nursing I hated pumping. I rarely, if ever did it because it just wasn't as efficient as nursing. It also meant that I didn't leave my babes much, but I was okay with that. Glad your two are doing so well and that your little angel will be home soon!

  2. Hey girl, it's ok, you're not alone. This post might bring you a bit of comfort:

  3. totally hear you on the pumping pains, literally and figuratively. glad Hailey is doing so well.