Sunday, December 26, 2010

The first Noel

What can you say when all your dreams come true, and then you celebrate on your favourite day of the year?  Just...awesome. 

Yes, this year's Christmas was amazing.  Certainly I got some great gifts and we ate well (take a look at my hubby's white chocolate creme brulee made from scratch - it is seriously better than any I have had in restaurants...), but the real element of sparkle came from having two healthy, cute and very very special little girls in our life now.  That, and spending the entire day with Grandma and Grandpa was an extra special bonus, as they are normally down in Arizona this time of year.  (We won't discuss the fact that they are leaving soon to head down to where the sun shines every single's going to be so hard for all of us, and Skype will be our friend so that the connection is still there).

Yes, we have an amazing community of support around us, and are so lucky.  So very lucky.

Here are a couple shots of the girls in their various Christmas-themed outfits.  It takes your breath away to see them sometimes, they are so cute.  (Photos don't do them justice - they take after their Mama in that respect - MUCH better in person!)...


  1. So cute I'm fairly certain I might need to eat them.

  2. Ha ha.... I totally get what you mean !!