Sunday, June 26, 2011

My poor little goobers

If I could take your pain away, oh, I would.

If I could reach in and gently elevate each and every one of your teeth, in a heartbeat I would.

And if I could hold you all day and all night and make you forget your discomfort, I would a thousand times over.

Up until this week, the twins had two little front lower teeth which appeared at just over 4 months old. Back at that time, they were a bit fussy, and then *poof*, out popped their cute little cuspids!  (not really cuspids, technically, I don't think, but I like alliteration, and so.)

Now?  We have a fourth, even a fifth tooth coming in on Alex, including the big front uppers, and the same are appearing on Hailey.  There is no 'bit fussy' right now. Instead?  Laughter that changes to painful cries. Smiles that suddenly turn into frowns and watery eyes. And sleep that is characterized by moaning, whining and sleepy cries all night long, punctuated by fearful awakenings, comforting and an exhausted relapse into slumber.

My poor little goobers.

If I could do anything more than what I am already doing to ease your pain...

I would.

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  1. Aww, such a tough time, hope they pop with no delay