Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally! Our kitchen Reno pix

For everyone who has been asking to see the tranformation, and for anyone who wants ideas or a look-see on kitchen design, take a look at the Before & After presentation deck I did up showcasing our new kitchen.  This redesign gave me storage and functionality as well as style that I needed to stay in our little house for a while longer and not have me go insane....

So...what do you think?  Show me yours - send links to your transformations too!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. SOOooooooo gorgeous! And if I had kitchen reno photos to show you, I would. We've been planning ours since we moved into our house in 1998.

  2. Well, all told, this only cost us about 12K (and I think that is high). Cabinets and granite (and sink) from Home Depot (and had them install them), the tiles bought from Alexanian and then installed by our handiman for $25 an hour, the lights from Electrical Light & Plumbing store, the faucet on sale at Costco...and we had our handiman carefully take out the kitchen (less than two hours of his time) and donated it to Habitat Re-store. We ended up getting a tax receipt for $450! Awesome.

    If you go ahead, be sure to let me know and I will have a few insights as to 'dos and don'ts' as we all do when we undergo a project like this!

    But we love it, and we now have all sorts of great storage and practicality, while still being able to resell when we are ready as an 'eat in' kitchen (the high counter can also be a breakfast bar).