Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new move

I'm calling it the 'reality flip'. Too many damn reality shows on at the same time! Do I want to watch next top model or celebrity jungle crap or models and athletes kayaking through a resort lazy river? GOD! So many GREAT options!!!

Really. If you are going to do reality, can we PLEASE make it a little more compelling PULEEEEASE?

At least tomorrow night I have SYTYCD! Can't wait. Last week my favourite dance by far was one that also had a very personal resonance with me. It was a contemporary number that used the music I chose as the first dance between my husband and I at our wedding reception. The song, Falling Slowly, I first heard while watching the movie "Juno" (great movie), and it just spoke to me. The lyrics are incredible, and really seemed to capture, poetically, the journey my husband and I have taken together, and the optimism we both have for our future together. It was lovely.


Watch and enjoy the beauty that is the best reality show amid a sea of wasted time.

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  1. I agree - I love, love this show! The poor child that interrupts me while in the middle of a beautiful dance sequence!