Sunday, September 27, 2009

For all you winos out there!

I finally get it. I understand the value of Twittering! Today, I decided to do a twitter search on my favourite topic - wine - and it was amazing the kinds of resources that came up, posted by other winos. They directed me, for one thing, to my new online cellar - - it's fantastic. Got wine at home and want to see the tasting notes? Want to manage the value of your cellared wines? Want to build a wish list and refer to it later? Ya can do it here, and that, my friends, is cool. As is the cellaring notes and optimal maturity dates, etc.

I am still working out how to build a proper network to get the most out of this social networking tool, but I can see the value in getting information you want quickly. I think the big problem is that most of my pals are not on Twitter, that I know of. None of you are, are you? If you are....ya gotta tell me, because there is only so much that Jamie Oliver or Bobby Flay can say of relevance in a day, you know?

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