Friday, March 12, 2010

On the subject of taste

I have amazing taste.

I awoke on this, the morning of my second wedding anniversary, to find that the first message I got on Twitter (a DM) was a love note from my husband.

(insert hard day of work here)

I arrived back at home, and opened the door to find that the house had been cleaned and vacuumed, the sheets washed, and spring rolls were in the oven almost ready to go.  And now?  We're on our way to one of our favourite romantic spots to eat, Cabotto's, so that I can have their amazing linguini aragosta....mmmmmm that lobster is gonna be SO GOOD!

And I won't mention the card.  My guy's a real guy guy, so telling me verbally how he feels is challenging sometimes, but boy, he can write me to sentimental tears.

I, simply put, have excellent taste in men, or one, in particular.

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