Monday, March 28, 2011

Picky picky picky

It's the CDH. It has to be.  My little one, Hailey, is the most frustrating little eater. Just....arghhh! A little bit here, another 1/2 bottle there. Wasted breast milk all the time, since eventually you have to throw it out. I know I should be patient. She's doing okay, she's gaining weight, but MAN, it is so frustrating! And really, IS she doing okay?  Do other parents of CDH babies have so many issues with feedings?  I suspect they do...

Another trend that seems to be forming from this is fewer poops.  Yes, poops.  Doncha know that Moms do nothing but talk about poop?  Hailey has recently gone more than two days without a poop (twice now) and it just seems she's getting bunged up more often.  I'm not a worry wart, but you do wonder if it's a sign that things aren't functioning as they should in her - majorly reorganized - abdomen.


But in the meantime, let me put down the laptop and pick up the rest of the bottle to see if she'll now take it. It's what a Mom's gotta do.  That, and remain patient.


  1. This post reminds me of myself with my first son -- worrying about his poop all. the. time. But if she is pooping every couple days (2 to 5 days) this is normal (in my books), as long as she has wet diapers, you are good to go! I did both breast-feed and bottle feed, and I learned this was normal for my kids. With my second I am much more easy going about it all but I completely understand the poop worries!!

    Hang in there!

  2. Yep, sometimes Celine has gone 3-4 days without and then - watch out! She is also a picky feeder, I have challenges getting more than a four oz bottle in her (after a short breastfeed). She's growing though, so that's a great sign. But I feel your pain, feeding all the time is not fun for mommy - and you have two!!

  3. On the poop front, breastfed babies can sometimes go as much as ten days with no poop and it's fine! It can even be a sign that the gut is beginning to function very well, as it is fully digesting and using the breastmilk. BM doesn't have as much 'waste' as formula, so BF babies can poop less. (Though mine often went four or five days between poops!)