Sunday, March 1, 2009

Summoning Spring

Each year, I consider the day that I drag my greenhouse and garden seeds out to be the uplifting first sign that spring is on the way. Because I love to plant sweet and hot peppers, I have to get started especially early in order to be sure that the peppers mature before the frosts of September/October (and that isn't a guarantee at all).

But is it an incredibly good day when I can enjoy the prospect of sunshine, warmth, and juicy, ripe veggies and lovely aromatic herbs from my summer garden...

I know that true warmth is still quite a ways away...but one can dream, right? And early forecasts for our weekend getaway to Prince Edward County next weekend indicate that things will be warming up, so that's great also.

So. Do a little raindance or whatever you feel you need to do to summon the sunshine and warm temperatures so that we can wash away what is left of what has been a long winter!

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