Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal instincts

This week, a friend and potential coworker on some small side jobs I may do, asked me to complete an analysis of my personality. Called the Kolbe A, it was an analysis of my 'conative' index. My instinctual responses when I am in 'action mode'. The results? Were bang on. I found it really fascinating, especially given that the quiz itself I found frustrating and dissatisfying due to format, cryptic wording, and choices I didn't feel truly reflected answers I would generally choose.

Some of the most interesting 'observations' about me?

"You are terrific with future-oriented challenges and deal with the essential information without getting bogged down in the details."

I had a 9 out of 10 in the Quick Start mode, which meant that I was high on the Improvisation scale and very low on Stabilization. In lamens terms, I love and embrace change. Yup, I certainly do. Specifically, I "initiate change, improvise solutions, generate slogans, defy the odds, promote new opportunities, etc."

Even better, I am a 2 out of 10 on the Follow Through mode, which is really funny to me. But while it might be stressful for me to have to finish up all the little details, being in the low range means I am an 'adapter'. I "find ways around problems, multitask and thrive on interruption, revise approaches, diversify and am flexible".

In the Implementor mode, I am an Imaginator (not a builder). I "concoct out of thin air and deal with abstractions. I capture the essence of things and can envision the way things should be."

And finally, I am right in the middle of the "Fact Finder" mode. This implies I am an 'explainer'. I don't specialize, but neither do I generalize. I rewrite, edit and fact check. I work within priorities, start with the highest probability, and create documentation and instructions. Essentially, I am a bridge to help people who understand only simple elements of a topic to understand specifics and expert details. Pretty bang on, I would say.

Now, the funniest elements of my results related to the things that are my 'stressors'. If you know me REALLY well, you will totally laugh at some of these, and potentially, even manage to put people's names beside certain elements!

My stressors?
- having to prove my point or argue over facts
- being asked to oversimplify and/or get bogged down in details
- being overly scheduled, told to follow specific steps, or follow rigid rules
- having to repeat myself
- being asked to edit my ideas
- avoid potential risks
- conform and/or work toward known outcomes
and finally
- I am likely to be driven nuts by things or people that take too long to get to the point, aren't focused, and anything that is boring, repetitive and predictable.

The best were the Kolbe Tips, though. They said I needed to 'seize the moment when I have ideas - don't wait, or debate'. I should also 'take time to do nothing after working intensely on deadlines' (consider it done). And finally, 'self-provoke to get where you want to go. You often have to goad yourself to initiate action you desire."

Ya got me.

But now I want to know about others. Have any of you done these types of analysis? What did they say about you? I wish I had the user manual for everyone I know!

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