Monday, October 26, 2009

New communications realities

So I have been twittering, as you know, and I have also been looking into social media as a whole and trying to stay on top of some of the tools as well as the arguments for using them. I loved this article, and in particular, what was said here:

Is digital marketing the wave of the future or just today’s in thing?
I think the key issue is not digital marketing vs. conventional marketing but rather interactive communication vs. passive communication. The trend of tomorrow will be that the consumer will be in the driver seat of communication. I call this the MSP generation—Me Selling Proposition. The brands no longer have the power, the consumer does. The consumer today (more and more) has trust (more than the companies), i.e. consumers trust consumers more than brands. The consumer also has the message in their power, meaning more than 500,000 new blogs appear every day and every consumer has a TV station in their backyard, meaning they have access to the world via the internet. Those three factors mean that the consumer has substantially more power than the brands, which is the reason why the share price of Domino’s Pizza dropped 9.7 percent in just one day due to a video upload from a consumer on YouTube. This very interactive MSP phenomena means that brands need to engage with consumers in a totally new way: a trend which is about to become a standard for all communication in the future—and not just an in thing.

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I wonder how long it will take the Gov't to universally recognize that the only way to control their brand is to simply be transparent and do a good, honest, respectable job with taxpayer money?

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