Friday, November 27, 2009

Social Media and Me 2 Point Oh!

What do you think of this title for a new blog I am thinking about setting up? The premise would be to set up a blog to discuss my 'discovery' of social media and its various tools and tricks, link to best practices, and cool info, and detail frustrations, confusion and other craziness that goes with it? If I had the blog, I would immediately start on the topic of setting up a damn blog!

Sure, I think that this blog is fine, but it is cookie-cutout, and so I was looking for some great advice on how to custom-build a blog using some of the tools out there.

Think with my new tools I would be able to find some great content on that? Not so far.

I have so much to learn. goes. I just need time and energy, and I will get it going. If you have any advice...? Any links to great how to's...??? Y'know...whatever.

Jus' ME 2.0 Y'know?

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