Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello, my old friend

I have been remiss. I love blogging, but have gotten sucked into the Twitter vortex of late, and have be adopting information and retweeting and looking at other people's information more so than postulating and pontificating on personal opinions.

Which is fine.

The thing is...I am so busy at work that I am brain dead when I get home. I've got nuthin' left. In some ways, this is a good thing, but other times, I wish I had more to say on any given evening.

But now it is the weekend, and I have had two good full nights of sleep, so ya know...I am up for the challenge, but you still aren't going to get anything too deep today - the sun is shining and it is Sunday morning, thus any blog post should be a relaxed, casual and laid back affair, I think.

So...we have a lot on the go these days. Hubby is upstairs putting together the bedframe for our bedroom set. EGAD, we will actually have bedside tables!!!! Very exciting, and the last of the pieces to complete the set. Next will be to paint the remaining walls and decorate the room a bit. It's only been, like, 6 years...!

We have also bought the various paints needed to complete our kitchen reno. THAT is exciting too, but I can't get started on that today, as I may have to head out soon to help a friend clean and 'stage' her house for quick sale. I am praying this goes smoothly for her. She and her family need a little smooth sailing, as their lives have been turned upside down lately, due to an accident that left her husband in a wheelchair. I can't even imagine how tough this has been on all of them, and so I will do whatever I can to help them sell their former home and move into the new, accessible home and bring the family together again. Life sure is challenging, isn't it?

So...for the first time in a number of years, we missed the Ottawa Wine & Food Show this year. I couldn't help feeling we are missing out, but hey...there are reasons for everything, you know?

More to come - hope everyone enjoys this last (I presume) warmish day before the cold wind whips into the city and brings with it blankets of white and the xmas spirit.

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