Monday, September 20, 2010

Am I in the Amazing Race for Preggos?

You'd think, with all the 'stuff' we've already had to deal with, that at the very least, I could get my home in order. You'd THINK.

I feel like thee must be hidden cameras and a host in the background of my life tuning in at all time to listen to my ideas for what we need, following me around from store to store, and each time I head in one direction, the producers are calling ahead to the store to remove items from their shelves, place out of stock stickers on their hooks or otherwise trip me up with lack of service or lack of product to fit my needs. Then, as I somewhat contentedly pull into my parking spot, struggle to get out of the car without groaning, and waddle toward the front doors, the host voiceover must say something along the lines of "We've placed another roadblock in her path. With her babies due very soon, and her house in shambles, let's see how she handles this latest setback..."

No well, my friends, not well. Patience is wearing extremely thin these days. As of Friday, I will be at 33 weeks. Yes, that's still 7 weeks to term for a normal pregnancy, but folks...nothin' about this pregnancy has been normal.

Oh, and although the drywallers were supposed to be here taping and mudding today, of COURSE they were on another job and didn't show. Of course. Each day that passes, I grind my teeth down further and look at the chaos around me with growing anxiety. I hate living like this!

Sorry, sorry...what brought this on? The discovery of the best way to hang the nursery photos, and trips to three separate stores to get the number of hanging apparati necessary. Got enough to hang about 30% at one store, then ran out, and the other stores are out of stock. Just like the floating shelves I wanted were out of stock at IKEA, and just like the backup floating shelves I wanted at Home Depot were out of stock. And the list goes on. Sigh.

But I'll get over it, and in the meantime, I am sure I won't win the race, 'cause I just don't have the disposition right now, but once they edit the footage, it'll be a highly amusing show, to be sure. Once I find out who's producing the show and when it will air, I will let you know when to tune in...


  1. Ha ha! You're not alone. My friend Chantelle and I (pregnant with one baby girl each) have been doing this for weeks. It's the never ending errands and organization. Whoever said nesting was at the end of the pregnant was wrong. We've been nesting the whole time!!

  2. Totally. You should see the money we've been spending and the 'perfectionistic' design streak I am on. Not sure if it is because it's one of the few things I can control about this pregnancy or not, but most days I love focussing on the renos and changes. Other days, like the one I outlined above, I'm frustrated! Hope you are doing before and after shots etc? I'm hoping to be able to post my shots soon...