Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Closer - Not just a Nine Inch Nails song

We must be getting close - we are filling out our pre-admission forms for the hospital to hand in tomorrow. Friday marks the 30th week, and although I am hoping to take my little goobers as far as possible, a standard delivery 'full term' for twins is 36 weeks.  So..yeah...getting closer.

Tomorrow is our meeting with the neonatologist.  We plan to sit down tonight to organize our thoughts and write down all the questions we want to ask.  So many questions!  I just hope that this will be a fairly interactive session with a lot of dialogue to help us prepare mentally for how this is all going to go down (in consideration of the various scenarios, of course).  In situations like this (and let's face it, in general), I crave information to calm me down, give me a sense of control (ha!)...

It's funny, too, because I also feel better the more I focus on this whole 'nesting' thing, and come up with solutions to help me better deal with what is to come.  For instance, I recently gave some thought to how we might best cope with having one healthy baby with us and another in CHEO.  We live clear across town, and particularly if I am breastfeeding, baby A will need to be with us, and likely both of us, as we traipse to the hospital for visits.  Tomorrow we hope to find out about possible stays in Rogers House, or with my parents, or whatever, but I realized that it would be great to order and have the bassinet attachment for our stroller.  This way, we have a portable bed for wherever we find ourselves, and it might help us extend our time at the hospital too.  It's a really small thing, but it made me feel more organized against the chaos to come.

Friday is also my last day of work.  This will both take a lot of time pressure off me, but also make me feel like we're closer to the amazing race day.  I can't wait to focus full-time on preparation of the house, the clothes and supplies, and my mental state to get ready for this...

Oh, and a blog post is to come re: cloth diapering.  I need your input and guidance, my mothering friends!


  1. For cloth diapers, there are a lot of resources and groups on facebook actually. I have decided to use a diaper service. I have to purchase my own diaper covers (bummies)but they provide the trifold diapers - delivered weekly and picked up weekly. Less laundry time for me I figure. And for you - might be worth it cause you'll have twice the diapers. Not sure about service in Ottawa, so I don't have a recommendation. Ours is just over $20/ week. Most places have a deal for multiples. Check out - she's a lactation consultant from Ottawa (now lives here) who has twins of her own. I'm sure she has connections for you!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. We got some good info to follow up on at the Babyboom show yesterday and I'll be pursuing this more in the coming weeks. Will check out the website too.

  3. Although it's annoying when people tell you random baby stories, I feel compelled to tell you a "good news" story. My girlfriend gave birth to a very preemie little girl (just over 1 lbs). She too lived across town and her baby was in the hospital for a min of 4 months before being released. And yet, she managed to provide her little babe with breastmilk every day. She had three other young children at home and it was very challenging. But she accepted help from everyone who offered. Now, her little baby is a very healthy girl who is entering her first year of school this year!