Monday, September 27, 2010

A beautiful state of being

So yesterday we had our photo shoot to snap some great shots of this gorgantuan (like that? Cross between gorgeous and gargantuan) belly of mine at Baby and Belly photography.  Can't wait to see the finished shots, but have to say that I am moved deeply by this experience and so happy to have photographic documentation of what is the most incredible time of my life so far.  I'll never forget what being pregnant has been like, and I am already missing (in advance) housing these two little squirming ones inside of me.  Here's hoping they will hold on for the full 6 remaining weeks!!!

So, without further delay, here is a sampling:

Now THAT is a belly....and a family waiting to happen in just a very short time.  Gulp.

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  1. You look amazing Pam!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing these!