Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Fights

I could say that husband and I toss marshmallows, paint chocolate sauce, and spray whipped cream on each other as foreplay.  I could say the title is about an Iron Chef-like competition with our neighbours. I could say a number of things, but what I am really talking about is an ongoing struggle each night to `deal`with what the heck to eat for dinner. 

You see, my husband is not a planner.  He is also not the visionary behind creative and yummy foods that come out of this kitchen.  He cooks it really well and is getting better at creative grilling techniques, etc., but if you are looking for the idea person in our household, it`s usually me (unless it's a Saturday and there's all day to play and plan a great dinner.  Then, my man rocks the hot rocks).

So, each night that my hubby comes home from work right now, he asks me one old, tried and true, and frustrating question..."What do you want for dinner?" Why is it frustrating?  Well, because throughout this ENTIRE pregnancy, I have been turned off cooking.  Putting aside how hard it is now to stand and do prep, and how bad my back is as a result of even 2 minutes of washing dishes or the like, the fact is more that just the idea of prepping food and cooking turns me off.  Just put something in front of me, ready to eat, and I'm good to go, but not before then.

It's frustrating because my man (who has been great about everything else related to this journey) has no ideas, and no clear ideas of his own about what he feels like eating and prepping.  Because, I guess, men don't do well with cooking as a chore, which is what it becomes when I look to HIM to plan, prepare and present food.

But. I'm still very, very hungry.

So every night that we have not planned anything (which happens more often than not), we have the same conversation, and he gets frustrated with me, and I with him. 

And we eat far more take out or delivery than we ever have in the past.  Which isn't great nutrition, folks!Tonight's meal was a shwarma platter for me and a meat pizza for him from the nearest half-decent restaurant.

What were the touchy issues during your pregnancy? When did your man get frustrated and/or struggle with the support you required? What was your 'thing' that threw you both for a loop? 

Oh, and by the way, I realize how sucky I sound, and lazy.  I just really can't get up energy/interest or the 'taste' for creating food.  It's a huge and mysterious struggle - and totally counter to my usual MO, ya know?


  1. Ha! My husband pretty much cooked EVERY meal throughout my twin pregnancy (and I also normally LOVE to cook)…while managing to take care of a 3 and 6 year old as well…really, it should be his job to feed you so you can grow those babies big and strong…and you can tell him the internet told you so :) It's all good training for when the real work begins ;)

  2. Sounds fantastic. I need to be clear, though, that my man has been really great through this pregnancy - this is just one source of tension, and if I were him, I'd be frustrated too!

  3. Oh gosh, I totally didn't mean to sound like he wasn't doing anything (so sorry!). I completely remember the frustration though...it is a tough time. You are soooo close though (and way to go on growing those babies this long - I didn't realize when I posted how far along you are). Good luck for a gentle and healthy birth :)

  4. Thanks so much! You didn't make it sound like he did nothing - but I have to be careful how the poor wonderful man is portrayed, ya know? :)

    Thanks for the good wishes. Crazy how close we are now. Can't wait to meet them both.