Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here we grow again - tomorrow could be a big or even bigger day

Yup - tomorrow marks yet another ultrasound and doctor's appointment to check on the status of our little baby girls, but it's an important ultrasound because it is the first one we've had in two weeks (there have been two others since) that will take measurements and estimate the growth of the twins, and each of their weights.

Two weeks ago, the alarm bells were raised because although Baby A was underweight for her gestational age (under 5 lbs), Baby B was not only a lot smaller (3lbs 9 oz), but hadn't grown since the ultrasound two weeks prior.  If tomorrow reveals she has again not gained much weight, it won't matter that all else looks good; I would expect that ultrasound result would lead to a speedy delivery.

So will either be a big day showing some good growth and babies that are hanging out, playful and growing stonger by the day (and they have been incredibly active, I have to say), or it will be a bigger day.  Like, the biggest of my life, without question.

Well, actually, a lot of massive life questions will be answered, now that you mention it.



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  1. I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way!