Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have babies, will travel

It's on, baby.  We will be heading down to Arizona to visit grandma and grandpa this spring.  Multiple planes with multiple babies. Hubby flying down with the three of us, then flying back home, then flying down again for a few days, then flying back again with the three of us.  Are we nuts? Am I crazy?  I think I may be, but I also think the trade-off (sunshine, swimming, hiking, seeing my parents) will ultimately be worth it.

Worth what?  Well, time will tell, but for starters, getting these two little goobers passports!  Not easy when your babies don't even sit up yet!  It was so funny dragging them to the mall after a recent outing to a friend's baby baptism. They were tired and getting hungry.  Not a great combo for plunking them into a bumbo, holding them in place and expecting them to look with rapt attention at the camera!  I only hope the shots won't be rejected, which, by some accounts, happens fairly often with infant photos???  Egad, I don't want to do that again, and frankly, we won't have time, so cross your fingers for us.  How did the shots turn out, you may wonder?  Hilarious!  So funny!  And yes, almost identical.  But ya know...Mommy can spot the difference!

Other issues we need to work out:
What to bring, and what Grandma and Grandpa can scrounge up for us. Things like: cribs/playpens, pump rentals (still on the fence about how much longer I want to get up throughout the night to pump and supply extra breastmilk...just how long do I want to do this, I keep asking myself?), strollers, bouncy chairs, etc.  I think they have scrounged a few items already, but more to work out.  Trying to avoid taking any large items save for the car seats.

What we can/can't take with us without another charge - i.e. how many bags will they allow, what extras will they charge for, should/can we check out car seats safely or bring them to the gate with us (and then, correspondingly, what the heck do we do with all the carry on luggage plus car seats when we have to change planes and get to another terminal etc. as well as carry both babes)

What I can/cannot take onto the plane in terms of bottles, formula, breastmilk, water and food for Mommy etc. We currently use concentrated liquid formula and I always mix it with breastmilk...what is going to be allowed without delaying us or causing all sorts of issues?  Can I take some icewater to stay properly hydrated (I hate warm water)? Can I bring proper snacks instead of being forced to buy fast food (although frankly?  I'm all over fast foods and sugery goodness at any time these days, but it's not the best choice, even if I AM burning more calories each day with breastfeeding).

Am I going to get grief from the flight attendants for breastfeeding or bottle feeding the babies on takeoff and landing to ease the pressure transition issues?  I heard there is a real contradiction in terms of the position you have to hold them in vs. how hard it is on their ears if they aren't swallowing something...

What to pack for the time of year down there (but then, that's the ongoing issue for Arizona) because it can be really warm during the day and cold at night, but also because we have to pack for the four of us now, and Mommy's body is insane right now, so clothes don't fit her...(yeah, I'm refering to myself in the third person. Doing that far too often these days, I've noticed.)

What did you other Mommies do?  What tips do you have for me? Any recent experience out there?

Luckily there are fantastic people on Twitter like @hvbabywilltrvl and their amazing site with great advice on traveling with babies and toddlers. So many great articles and travel lists to help us get organized.  It's a start, anyways!

Ah.....on a day that started with strong biting wind and ended with heavy snowfall, I think we're crazy not to go. Sunshine and tumbleweeds (and pools, tennis, golf and mountain hiking) here we come!!!


  1. I commend you for still pumping at night. I quit when she was 3 months old. I suggest considering weaning yourself off the pump before going on your trip. What I've realized is that if you're already supplementing with formula and they are still breastfeeding, there is little extra value in pumping additional milk - and it takes time for you, takes you away from your baby (babies) and of course, robs you of sleep. Enjoy the breastfeeding for as long as you can - trust me, my life became a lot better when I gave up the pump!!

  2. I havent traveled with both of my children yet but good luck to you. Youre brave. I hope you have an awesome time!

  3. Any baby items like formula/breastmilk are fine to bring on the plane. They are exempt from the whole liquids restrictions. As for water, I suggest you hit the Tim Hortons once you pass through security.

    I've learned through experience to bring as little as you can get away with. I totally take advantage of other people's laundry facilities to cut down on the clothes that need to be packed. Also, when my son was still in diapers I only brought as many as I needed (plus a few extras just in case) for the plane ride. You can buy diapers/wipes etc... when you get there.

    There are companies that rent car seats, strollers, cribs etc... Might be worth checking into to save yourself a big hassle.