Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stumbling toward normalcy

This is it, folks!  Tonight I suit up to play competitive volleyball with my women's team. Not sure they, or I, know what we've gotten ourselves into!  A few notes about my current status:

a) my feet grew, so I have exactly two pairs of shoes I can wear.  Thankfully, one of those pairs are cross-trainers, but they certainly aren't my former volleyball court shoes.  I'm very happy that I have two ankle braces, just in case I go over on them.

b) I found ONE pair of shorts that will work for tonight.  This is better than I anticipated. I was breaking out in cold sweats (pun not intended originally, but...) at the thought of what the heck I could wear on bottom to play in.

c) There are no jerseys that will cover this stomach right now. I still don't know what I will do, but worse case I will wear a jersey of my husbands and hope they don't charge my team their bond money due to the fact that I don't have a proper team jersey on.

d) I believe I may have an issue with this malformed/odd belly of mine. I think I have diastasis recti, and may even have a herniated belly button. I haven't had time to start to rebuild/rectify this issue.  Have no idea how it will impact my ability to play.

e) While I was able to swim during my pregnancy, I generally took it REALLY easy, not only due to my baby Hailey's condition, but because prior we had had three miscarriages, and I frankly didn't want a single reason to point to that may have impacted a fourth. This meant that:

f) It has litterally been a full year since I played volleyball.  This is gooonnnnna hurt!

That said?  SO EXCITED.


  1. Good for you! It's great to get out sans baby (or babies) a few times a week. It is good to recharge and to feel like a real person again, not just a feeding, milking, soothing,changing, holding, shushing machine.

  2. It was great to see my girlfriends again, but, uh...I failed miserably at the volleyball and had to pull myself off the court after game 1. It seems I underestimated the severity of my atrophied muscles and it was embarassing. I guess I need more time to recover and build back to a reasonable level of ability. It's not fun being the liability instead of a key player! The long road to physical recovery starts now, I guess!!!