Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Insights for the New Mom Series - Primping

I was quickly brushing my teeth the other day and realized I hadn't done a good job of it lately.  Cleaning my teeth, that is.  And that got me to thinking; had I done a good job of my personal upkeep in general?  No.  I was always in such a rush, being alone with two babies, that it seemed like the last priority. 

But you know what?  It shouldn't be.  Taking a shower should not be about washing away the bare minimum in order not to smell bad!  'Wiping' down my teeth in a half-hearted attempt to get the obligation out of the way in order to crawl into bed 30 seconds sooner should not be standard practice. Skipping your daily shower and not washing your face should not be in the cards. And landscaping shouldn't be a term now exclusive to the backyard! 

Ladies.  The baby/babies can wait an extra 5 minutes.  If they are in their crib, or their bouncy chair, or their swing, then you can take a little time for YOU. You can allow yourself to take some nice, deep breaths in the shower.  Better yet, you can draw a bubble bath and let your husband care for the baby for 20 minutes in the evening. (But in my household we have a horrid bathtub. It's something I really, really miss. I love baths. I want a bath.  REALLY want a nice hot soak. Is there a bathtub fairy I can appeal to?) But I digress.  Really, you can! can certainly take the proper time it takes to avoid cavities by brushing those molars in rhythmic circular motion well - it's important!

Oh...and while you're at it?  Find some time to 'hug' your husband. (I leave it to you to interpret that how you wish to.) Intimacy, even just looking into each other's eyes and having a nice smooch brings you back from baby abyss and reminds you how your love created these amazing creatures. They need it. You need it. The marriage needs it. And the baby/babies will benefit.

That is all.  Take care of yourselves ladies!

Please note: The publishers of this blog post don't necessary endorse nor practice the recommendations included herein, but aspire to achieve this state of zen. In actual fact, most days removal of bad odours in indeed the function a quick shower provides, and hair, makeup, 'landscaping' etc. is the stuff of legendary and mythical supermoms.

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