Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caffeine buzz or feel-good "I'm gonna help fight Cancer" buzz?

Yes - I am OFFICIALLY launching my campaign to support the fight against breast cancer.  That gawd-awful C word. 




On April 21, 2012, I will work out (a.k.a. exercise, dance, prance, jump, twist...) for SIX SOLID HOURS to showcase the fact that I am healthy, while others are not so lucky.  I will sweat in celebration of my charmed life and my amazing and young family. I will breathe deeply in appreciation for all the survivors, the fighters and the family members of those affected by breast cancer. And I hope, through my willingness to do this, that my friends and family will help me raise the minimum $1,000 for this all-day event!

To make it simple, I have added a button on this blog that links directly to my donation page.  You will notice that it, too, NEEDS YOUR HELP.

So. Whaddya say?  Can you give up one of this week's lattes in order to swing a 'just-as-feel-good' donation to kick-start my campaign?

*Note: Donations of $25 or more mean you are awarded the priviledge of asking me to do specific moves (think: funky chicken dance) sometime during the 6 hours.  Over $50 gives you input into hair/makeup/outfit accessories (provided they don't interfere with my team's costume choices). $100 or more....hmmmm - name it!

Let's get this party started everyone!!!!! Click on the button on my sidebar...or click here!

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  1. I hope you get some $100 donations and they ask you do something super fun and crazy :) Great work Pam! Its going to be an awesome day, thank-you for getting us involved too :)