Friday, January 20, 2012

Whine and Wine on a Friday

Oh, what a day.  I'm like a broken record, really, when I talk about how lucky I am to have such wonderful babies.  But it's on a day like today that I realize how lucky.  I mean, they are almost 15 months old and this week was the first week that I REALLY had to deal with a child with a cold. 

Thank friggin' gawd.

Today was particularly trying, as both girls seemed out of sorts and neither were on the same page at the same time (which makes for a particularly crusty mommy).  Alex, still sick, wanted LOTS of sleep and when up was at best unpredictable, alternating between laughter and inconsolable tears.  Hailey, perhaps feeling sickness coming on (?) was irritable, didn't nap well, was a picky eater and just generally wanted a lot of attention.  *As an aside, I chose today to get us all out of the house for a little trip to IKEA.  Ha!  SMRT.

In any event, 5pm hit, and upon return from work, husband was hit at entry with the dulcet tones of whining, whimpering, full-on temper tantrums and other fun.  An early bath, early bottles, and both were put down to bed, also early.  They didn't go to SLEEP early, mind, but Mommy and Daddy had other plans.

BBQ filet mignon, and a WONDERFUL bottle of wine. Seen here:

Yes.  This is what we used to do before our wonderful, blessed additions arrived.  Felt like old times.  Except, of course, for the monitor that showed several decibles of sound were coming from the bedroom. I say showed because the volume was muted.

The wine was velvety, jammy, earthy with dark cherry, a hint of anise. 


  1. Sounds like an (almost) perfect end to the day. Well deserved too.

  2. Thanks. It was lovely. And today? A much better day on many levels!