Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making the birthing process personal

I am very happy to now say I have a midwife. How nice to know that such an intensely personal experience is going to be kept that way due to the possibility of building a close relationship with the woman (and a couple other women!) who will be with us throughout this process. The service is exeptional, and we are very lucky to have this option available to us, and to have it fully covered by our medical insurance in this province.

But jeeez! STILL no heartbeat for Daddy to hear! Apparently my little one is an active little thing (surprised?) and every time we caught a little glimmer of something (the doppler even sensed the heartbeat, even though we didn't hear it), the little dude/dudette shifted aggressively (did a flipturn and swam to the other side). At least we have another ultrasound in two weeks, so that will give him a chance to finally partake of this coolness. This time around, the baby will look like a baby in the image, too, since the first time, it was simply a little raspberry!

Ah, what fun. And, I was able to sign out Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs" from the midwifery group library, so I have some fun reading to do. Good times!

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