Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping as therapy

So, will spending $14,000 on kitchen upgrades help me through all this? Hey, we'll see! Met with Home Depot tonight to discuss how I can keep from either a) pulling all my hair out due to the headache I get when I look at my old kitchen, which is overrun with things we can't find places for or b) setting a bomb for distruction as a way of just 'taking care of it'...

So yeah...new, shiny granite and a little cool storage as therapy for a broken heart? Might work, right?

Worth a bloody try, I say!


  1. Did I ever mention how much I love drawers in a kitchen? So very much more useful than cupboards you can never find anything at the back of...

  2. I hear that. Deep pot drawers and pull out pantry shelves are just a couple of items on the list...