Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Curiosity did not kill that cat - I guarantee it

So I love my new kitchen, I really do. BUT.

(There's always a but, isn't there???)

I have learned the hard way that no matter how ORGANIZED you are, you MUST be hyper curious and double check everything. And I mean even the stuff that just seems 'duh'-like. For example. The granite installers came this morning, then said...did you know that you were supposed to put the support beams in for the suspended granite section of your kitchen nook? (Well, they kinda said that, but in broken english and some french - a Quebec company...) Nope. Didn't know that. Apparently neither did Home Depot realize. It was on the installation notes, but apparently this company won't do this. So. Did I confirm, and or think to ask if they knew for sure that this company would take care of this 'little' step? Nope.

Thankfully, we got it resolved within the day, but.

and there's always a but,

I am ever so slightly disappointed with the depth of my new added nook. the granite is EXTREMELY skinny. So much so that a full size plate won't fit on it. It LOOKS great, and from the design makes sense, but, uh, it doesn't function quite as much as I want it to, but AGAIN....I didn't think to ever ask the question - just how thick will this be? And since it wasn't on any of the cabinet design forms, it was really the granite measurement guy that I need to ask, and of course, I didn't. Should he have discussed it with me? Maybe, but then again, they also should have confirmed with me that they expected me to get the counter supports in before they arrived too....!

so yeah...that cat, if it was curious, was brilliant, and got the PERFECT kitchen, without flaws or hiccups. That, I guarantee.

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