Sunday, April 25, 2010

The big announcement - finally!

The silence has finally been lifted and I can now shout from the rooftops, the tops of mountains, from my backyard deck and from wherever I find myself and the mood strikes me..."We're pregnant!" 

And then, in the next breath...."with TWINS!"

This was our first shocking ultrasound at only 7.5 weeks.  After a very careful time of measurement and consideration, the technician asked us "Were you on medication?".  We, who were so focused on having a healthy baby, didn't clue into what this question might imply, but said 'no'. Then, the technician said that you could see the heartbeat if you looked closely, and so we did, and saw the heartbeat.  Huge sighs of relief and happiness, yes, but before we could get comfortable with that, she said, "and do you see the second heartbeat?"

I feel like leaving it here, you know, because that was it.  That was the single most memorable moment I have had so far in my life.  Shock, then, ... overwhelming happiness, tears....

And I will never forget my husband's reaction.  I laughed through my tears.  He said nothing for over 30 seconds. His hand, in mine, which prior to the news had been warm and dry, became instantaneously slick with sweat, and his brow dotted with instant beads of same.  The technician offered a cold wet cloth to him to mop his brow with....he accepted.

Now, at 11 weeks, we have had a follow up ultrasound, and all looks well. Technology is so precise these days as to have told us that one of the babies is one day older than the other, meaning that one egg was released one day and another on the next. How cool is that? I already look about 5 months pregnant, and am wearing loose-fitting pseudo-maternity wear. I will be huge very shortly. And we have a LOT to do before their arrival.

But all this is just details.  Life, which continues as normal, is anything but.  And while I still have significant anxiety that all will not be perfect (who can blame me after three miscarriages in a row?), I am happier and more excited than I have ever been in my life.  Whatever else is going on pales in comparison to what is happening inside of me. 

Instant family.  ....   wow.

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  1. Congratulations again :) When our technician told us she kind of looked uncomfortable for a moment and said "well, umm... congratulations, you're having twins!"
    I'm guessing not everyone reacts without a lot of shock ;)
    Twins are awesome - I'm thrilled for you.