Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slip, tumble down stairs, then the terror sets in (retropost 2)

Okay. I have two scraped sections of skin on my arms, an aching tailbone, and a throbbing foot. But more than that, I have a brain that is working overtime trying, trying VERY VERY hard to say "Breathe, relax. Breathe, relax." and not...."PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HURT MY BABY. OMG PLEASE. I'VE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH. ONE LITTLE SLIP CAN'T KILL IT, RIGHT? RIGHT?????"

Yeah. So. I slipped on the way downstairs. I think I'm okay. I think that the baby should be okay. Time will tell. I have to relax. This isn't funny, though. I didn't need this tonight, or at all, really.

So yeah. This is a part prayer, part avoidance post to help me process my thoughts, calm down, talk this out rationally, and say that I really really hope that the discomfort I am feeling now is not a prelude to something far worse. That is all.

Please. If this were to cause miscarriage #4, I would LOSE IT officially and need a lot to come back. That is all.

(I was fine, if bruised and sore)

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