Saturday, June 19, 2010

It all starts here...Ready, set, GO!

So almost feels like this week is when the pregnancy was all of a sudden 'legitimate' and we hit the ground running.  We have an immense amount to do, but more than learn!  Tomorrow marks our first of three multiple birthing classes, and ready or not (especially for my husband), we're gonna be exposed to all sorts of new things - and likely images - and all of a sudden, it's going to be very REAL, you know?  It's friggin' exciting...

Also, we've decided on a number of items for the babies - our little girls - and are entirely confused over many other decisions to be made. That is where my mommy friends and readers will hopefully weigh in.  You will see that I have added a tab here on this blog called the wish list that is, essentially, going to act as a 'registry in progress', starting out as a list of what we THINK we want, transition based on feedback into final decisions as to the list of must haves, and then become the 'official' registry. mommas out there, sharpen your editing skills and help a girl out!

Hoping to get a number of items up on the list tonight, but please feel MORE than free to make suggestions for this hapless new mommy to be of twins in advance of the lists - any help is welcomed, and links to the products you are recommending are even better!

Things to keep in mind:
  • We have a small home with limited storage, but we are having twins.  How the heck can we avoid getting two of everything, and where are there opportunities to pick up 2, 3 and 4-in-one convertible items
  • Although I hate pink, I know we will put pink physically ON the little ladies, however the nursery will be decorated in white with white furniture and bright, saturated coloured photos and hopefully blankets, crib sheets etc. If you know where I can get crib sheets n stuff that isn't pastel and filled with little cartoon characters, let me know!
  • We know what stroller we want and what car seats we want, but the rest is up for debate.  Please debate - it will help us be certain of what we want!
So yeah.  New carpets are now on order, paints have been researched and will be purchased soon, and ya know...stuff is happening!


  1. Forgo the bumbos in lieu of another bouncey chair. I rarely if ever used mine and found it a huge waste of money.

    You need a swing. Your babies will thank you.Used ottawa, Kijjii is a great resource for gently used.

  2. My 2 cents...

    Stroller, car seats, playpen - awesome.

    Since space is an issue, I'd go with booster seats instead of high chairs. By the time your girls are eating solids, they'll be more than ready to sit in these.

    Love the bouncy chair, but I'd recommend one that plays music.

    Gym? I'd just get 1. Both girls will fit underneath early on, and it'll be a great spot for one of the girls to play while you feed the other (unless you plan on mastering tandem nursing, which is tricky).

    Not a fan of the Jolly Jumper. I'm sure that safety has come a long way over the years, but I've heard one too many horror stories. An exersaucer provides the same type of bouncing motion, but also provides much more entertainment for the baby while you have a meal, take a shower, fold a million loads of laundry, etc... Only 1 is needed, as the other baby could be in the bouncy chair, the play gym, etc. You get the idea.

    I prefer the BebePod Plus to the Bumbo. Just a personal preference. I found it to be softer and more comfortable than the Bumbo, and it has the attachable toy that seriously entertains for a LONG time! I've had Abigail sitting in restaurants in her Pod for an entire meal!

    Bath tubs? I'd just get 1. Unless you and Art plan on bathing them together every time, you'll only be able to do 1 at a time. And I'm sure you'll want to do baths on your own during the day sometimes. As soon as they outgrow whatever infant tub you choose, they'll be ready for the BIG tub! And let the fun begin. Olivia and Abigail just starting bathing together, and it's a riot!

    Don't forget about monitors. I can't find a link for the one we got for Olivia. It's the best, but maybe no one carries it anymore. Here's the one we use for Abigail. It's great too, but doesn't have dual receivers, which is handy. You'll have to do some research on those. Some say video monitors are the best. Personally, I don't think they're worth the expense.

    A swing is handy, but not necessary if not enough space. Unless of course (God forbid), one (or both) of the girls is colicky. Maybe something you can hold off on until you know their temperment.

    I have yet to find the perfect diaper bag. It has to be big enough to carry all the crap you need (and in your case, big enough for 2), but not so big that you need to pop several Advil after lugging it around for an hour. Just one more thing to think about!

    Gosh! What else? If you choose to nurse, a breast pump will be essential for you. I was quite happy with my "mini-Medela", but pumps may have come a long way in the last few years.

    Ok. My brain is fried now too! Can't think of anything else right now.

  3. Ooooo! Thought of 2 more things.

    I NEVER leave home without my Baby Bjorn carrier. I use it ALL. THE. TIME. Guess you guys might need 2!

    And secondly, don't spare any expense if you plan on buying a rocker or glider for the nursery. There will be days when you feel like you spend your LIFE in that God forsaken chair, and you'll want it to be super-comfy.

  4. buy second hand! you will use most stuff for just a few months - with the exception of car seat, stroller and baby monitor.

    buy swings that can be plugged in if possible. battery operated stuff requires lots of batteries. i used a travel swing, which was small and folded up flat for storage.

    etsy for cute sheets and blankets. i didn't use blankets until my guy was older than 1. babies are best in sleep sacks. no danger of suffocation then. if your house is cold, have a small heater for the kids room. you want to keep it a moderate temperature.

    best selection of carriers - extraordinary baby shop or milkface. do not buy one before babies are born! you need to try the carrier with your baby on your pregnancy free body. some carriers allow 2 kids at a time. personally i hated the bjorn.

    agree with the most comfortable rocker/glider you can find. don't worry about decor, just comfort. i put mine by a window with a small light. you will be sitting there for years to come, for hours at a time, make it comfortable! and give yourself something to look at (besides baby).

    i used bumbo seldom, used bath tub seldom. too many new moms buy too much "stuff" that you really don't need. use the bathroom sink, get in the tub with your baby - you can buy cheap insert that works wonderfully.

    really, don't buy lots of new stuff. second hand baby stuff has been barely used.

  5. Karen, where in town can we purchase/find the BebePod Plus, or did you order it online?

    We will totally wait for the swing, then. Good call, and you are right, I am sure that I can find one online!

    Regarding the diaper bag, what do you think about a backpack one? Might help when I am trying to juggle both?

    Re: Baby Bjorn, you carry the babies when they are a bit older in that, don't you? We are looking at a sling style to start, that apparently can carry two babies at once or one each etc., and then we'll look at the other carriers later? Your thoughts?

    Regarding breast pumps, has anyone rented? Given that I have two to feed, I think I need a pretty elaborate machine, so I was thinking of renting a really high-end one...thoughts? Do I also need a little portable one?

    And finally re: monitors - yeah, we are lost and looking for recommendations. We want a good, simple one with two receivers, but I really don't need video, fancy shmancy movement detectors etc. I just wanna hear them cry, ya know? Anyone have suggestions?

    Thanks so much for the input/advice. Keep it all coming!

  6. Anonymous...if you check back in here, what travel swing did you buy? I haven't 'studied' the swings too much yet, so don't know all the options!

    Great points re: buying stuff. This is why I am going through this exercise! Also, I am trying to build a bit of a 'registry' so that we can narrow the list and get just the stuff we most want and need.

    Thanks for your input!

  7. anonymous here again...

    for baby monitors, buy one early and test it out all over your house (especially rooms you spend any length of time in - bathroom, laundry room, kitchen). the first one i brought home didn't work with our cordless phones, it kept picking up static. another one picked up a monitor for the family next door! i forget the exact type, but i ended up with a graco one that recharges and lets you carry it around (the base stays in the baby room). it still doesn't work in the bathroom or backyard, even though we have a small house.

    spend money on a good stroller and make sure it fits in your car. i ended up with 2, one for at home that was great for long walks and another that was easy to transport around in the car. a friend has the city select for her 2 kids and loves it.

    the travel swing is low to the ground, which was fine for us. if you have a dog, it might be too low. you can find regular swings second hand at boomerang kids (a really excellent store and they are all over ottawa) and on kijiji and used ottawa. i would say these are not worth buying new since the babies grow out of them so quickly. i bought my travel swing at babies r us.

    i think if i was having 2 babies and knowing what i know now, i would get 1 swing and 2 bouncers. the bouncing chairs can be easily moved all around the house, don't take up too much room (swings are HUGE and cumbersome to move). i would want to bouncy chair to gently bounce or vibrate.

    also, all the music for these chairs/swings is awful. really tinny sounding. i dreamt of a chair that allowed an ipod to be plugged into it so i could play nice music for my baby.

    for diaper bag, i had a few options. it always depended on where we were going and how long we would be out. in the end, i used a knapsack from MEC the most. my husband liked it, it was easy to see in and grab stuff out of, i didn't mind using it as my purse and it wasn't too big.

  8. I got my bebePod Plus at Babies 'R Us. Couldn't find it online in Canada, but you can order from the States (free shipping). eBay or Kijiji are also great resources for most things.

    A backpack diaper bag would be ideal. I got a free one from Nestle. It was great, except too small.

    You can use the Bjorn from day one (well, once they hit 8 lbs.). When the babies are really small, they face inward with head support, and once they're bigger, they face the world!

    To be honest, sling vs. carrier (or both) will be babies' choice! Olivia screamed bloody murder in her sling, so back to the store it went. Other Moms have had their babies in a sling for hours on end.

    Renting a pump is a good idea. I went to an amazing breastfeeding clinic through Birthcare. They have lactation consultants on hand who could help you rent the right equipment for your needs.

    And the bonus? They are located right upstairs from a Milkface store!

    I found the manual for our monitor. It's the Safety 1st Digital 1 (product numbers 08232 and 08234). I can't find it online, but you could call Safety 1st at 1-800-544-1108. It's honestly the best monitor we've tried. We've had it since Olivia was born, and it still works good as new! It has dual receivers and the best transmission I've heard on any monitor. This might be a comparable model:

  9. Not if this was mentioned, but if space is limited, consider a booster seat for a chair instead of a high chair. There is a great one from Safety First. It's called BOOSTER,RECLINE & GROW SAFETY FIRST - we have it on our Sears registry.

  10. Anonymous - thanks so much for the great insights. Great stuff re: monitors etc. Appreciate your continued input. If you think of any other must have's as time moves on, please don't be shy - when all is said and done, I think post-facto, I'll create and publish a full list of twin must haves to share with ladies who are looking. I know I haven't found very comprehensive lists!

  11. Karen - yay re: monitor info. will look into. Also...I will look at both options for carriers and see what the babies like...fickle buggers, aren't they?

    And yes, we plan on taking a breast-feeding class, so great call on the rental info there. No doubt they, and our doulas, will have good info about these resources for us!

    and Julie, thanks for the recommendations re: booster seat feeding chairs. I agree these are really practical, but we are short the appropriate chairs to strap them to! So, we'll have to look at either investing finally in some appropriate chairs as well as boosters, or just get the high chairs for now....dilemmas, you know? thanks for the input, though, and I agree...very practical!

    Cheers everyone - keep it coming!!!

  12. i second booster seats instead of highchairs.

    there are some really nice highchairs with a low profile, so it does depend on how much you want to spend. the nice thing about booster seats is you can take them with you when go visiting or car travelling.

    the best option i have seen is the phil & ted metoo chair. it clips directly onto the table, or breakfast nook. it is super small, easy to store and easy to take with you:

    check fab baby gear and red chair kids for some nice highend highchair designs.

    for monitors, i know you said no video monitor. i didn't have one and they are stupidly expensive - but - there were many times i wish i could see what was going on in that bed without having to peek in the room. as soon as my son would see me he would want out of bed. there were many times he would be happily cooing and playing in the crib. if he heard the floor boards even creak outside his door he'd demand attention. if i had a video monitor, i would have been able to check on him and leave him be for a little while. if i were you, i'd just keep a look out for a second hand one being sold.

    breast feeding - i'm so glad you are open to this. i am a strong (strong) supporter of breast feeding, but do believe it is every mother's right to make the best decision for her. if you are going to pump, rent the best pump you can afford. the rental pumps are fast and efficient - something you will really appreciate. it is do-able nursing twins, but you will have a learning curve. try to line up support early with a lactation consultant that is experienced in this. i used the free lacatation consultant at the drop-in near my house (centretown), she was so fantastic and made those early days so much better. even if you have to pay the lacation specialist it will be worth it.

    do you have family support for when the babies arrive? have you considered a doula?

    btw, my name is meg and i don't even know how i stumbled on your blog. i think through twitter links. i am also in ottawa and i have a 2 year old son.

  13. Hey Meg. Thanks for all this. A doula was one of the first things we lined up when we found out we had twins and couldn't go with the midwife we lined up. In fact, we have both an experienced doula and an apprentice doula and we really like them both. Two for the price of one!

    The next big question I have is baby bottles. I really want to find glass bottles with a good grippiness on the outside, but also would love to have one of those cool quick bottle warmers. Thing is...I don't know if any of these warm glass bottles. Anyone know???