Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motley Crue sang about it, and we're gonna live it...Girls, Girls, Girls!

Yes, the ultrasound revealed...our home will be FILLED with giggles, flirtatiousness, pink clothing (gak) and a lack of pee pee tee pees - 'cause we're having TWO GIRLS.

Didn't expect that, really.  Don't know why, but all the kids on my hubbie's side have been boys, and I just for some reason thought that we'd have at least one boy, but girls are great, and we can't wait...

But just so we are will be worn as CLOTHING only due to necessity (don't want those well-meaning ooers and aaaahers mistaking them for boys, just 'cause they are in red or something), but the nursery will be decorated with primary, bright colours, which kids love.  And Barbies?  We'll see how long I can avoid them and push the Lego.  Sports, ladies?  Let's go swimming instead, or play catch!

We are very for name picking!


  1. Wow! That's so exciting Pam! BTW- I tried the whole unisex thing with Madeleine -jeans and football jerseys at 6m!- and it totally backfired on me! It has been all about dresses and frills ever since she could make her own decisions... but I still agree with you on the over-the-top girly stuff... better to moderate its entry into your life lest it take over!

  2. YAY for you! Congrats. As a mom of 3 boys (not multiples) I say YAY for girls! Wish I had one of my own :)
    BTW I am twohandsfull on twitter

  3. Way to go! Northern girls will save the world.

  4. Congratulations Pam! Such an exciting time for you.

  5. Love it...Northern girls will save the world! They may have to, the way we are treating it these days!

    Dawna...yeah...just the pink frilly thing is too much, but I have no issues with cute dresses and pretty things...!

    Once they are old enough to choose, they get to be whomever they want, as long as the items aren't too sexually suggestive!!!! (anticipating the pre-teen and teen years already...)!

  6. Nice job. I knew you were having girls, btw. Do I get a prize? And clothing... white is a gorgeous option for wee ones. Well, wee wee ones. Toddlers tend to destroy white. As they should.

    We decorated our shared nursery in the most lovely water colour blue/green. Finn chose the colour for her side -- an intense deep purple. Kind of ruined the airy fairy look I was going for... Sigh. Thank heaven for little girls.

  7. Congrats! But be prepared for folks to mistake them anyway -- that's just the way it rolls with babies. ;) Even when mine have been dressed super boyish, I've still fielded "she" comments. ;)

  8. Jen...I'm waiting with baited breath to hear news of your impending arrival. Yes, you totally get a prize - one fine day, I guarantee two little girls and a long lost friend and her husband will descend upon you in BC for a visit. Isn't that SPLENDID? Keep me posted...