Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time CANNOT move fast enough!

How do you even describe your excitement when you know that in less than 4 days, you might find out the gendre of your twins?  Girls? Boys? One of each? 

ARGH - I can't WAIT!

Today was such a great day.  Our garden is looking amazing, and our first 'discovery' trip to the baby shop (KiddyTown on St. Laurent - highly recommend) garnered quick and informed decisions on what baby seats we want, what playpen we'd like to get, and most importantly...we found an incredible double stroller option that sets to rest all my to-ing and fray-ing about what the hell to get!

So what are we getting (in case other Mom's are reading and need this info)?

The stroller - The City Select from Baby Jogger
The car seats - Graco Snug Ride 35
The playpen - Graco Pack & Play (can't find exact one online - but you get the picture - has the high adjustment, the change tray etc...)

Now...onto furniture - two cribs and likely one big dresser with a change tray/pad option etc...suggestions welcome - cheap but awesome is best...and modern.  None of this traditional turns into a wooden bedframe stuff....

Oh GAWD ... three days away.  So COOL!

When did you find out? Did you wait, or find out and why? What was it like and what was your reaction?

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