Sunday, June 6, 2010

And the panic starts to set in

So much to do.  Oh my gawd.  So much to buy, paint, renovate!  Started a little group to help try share info as we research where the heck to buy the best items for twins.  It's not so straightforward, ya know?  We don't need a cool stroller, we need a crazy tank of a system that is gonna work for two!  We don't need a playpen, we need a full-on baby station for the main floor so that we don't have to drag two babies up and down the stairs constantly for changes!

And yes, at 17 weeks, I am almost 1/2 way to the normal delivery time for twins, so Momma is getting a bit antsy!

Time to get busy!

Got suggestions?  Know great resources?  In the Ottawa area and expecting (or already have) twins?  Let me know here!!!


  1. Me again :)
    I really liked taking the MBFA's prenatal class - are you going to take it?
    I highly recommend a stroller that is just a frame that you can click the car seats into. I know that Peg makes a really nice one like that that converts into a regular stroller later on. We got a used snap'n'go. You're tired when you've just had twins, especially if for some reason you've had a c-section... you don't need a stroller you can barely lift.
    When we outgrew the snap'n'go we got a double BOB. I love love love my Bob. But you need a pretty big vehicle to carry it around I think. But this thing, spins on a dime. LOVE it. Wouldn't necessarily be everyone's first choice though I think.
    If you're going to buy a baby swing, I recommend one of the kinds that goes side to side as well as front to back. Side to side swings saved my life I think ;) I had two.
    I changed my kids on the floor, I just had (have) a basket with a change pad, diapers, wipes, etc.
    Have a second crib ready from the start. They SAY twins love to sleep together. This is not always true.
    I love my EZ to nurse pillow. Even if I wasn't nursing I think I'd love that pillow.

    That's all I can think of for now ;)

  2. My girlfriend swears by:
    - twins association sales,
    - compound discounts from Children's Place (sale rack + cp card + discount codes from surveys on receipts)
    - day trips to the US border towns (she comes home with incredible deals for her boys)
    - and bulk, lots of bulk buying...

    Hang in there. That panic is normal. It's why the Dude's nursery was done in Feb though he was born in May ;)


  3. Thanks for the comments - Tanya, where in the US border towns does your friend recommend we go? The twin association sale that I personally know of isn't until September, and that is a bit late to be getting essentials! Are there other resources other than the Multiple Birth Association where these sales take place?

    Lara, so how long does the frame/baby seat stroller last you? Where did you get this EZ to nurse pillow? I have a snoogle body pillow, which might be fine, but maybe not to try nurse both at once... Did you use any baby carriers at all? If so, were you able to wear them both at the same time? Facing both in and out? What else might I not be thinking of...did you have two little bathtubs to bathe them at the same time, or just one and then the other nearby? and...are we still gonna do lunch? When are you free???? :)