Saturday, April 16, 2011

Losing it - Week Two (um)


Week two of Operation Mummy Tummy is under my belt (what belt?  I have a belt that fits? That's news to me!) and it was, uh, um, kinda a step backwards, but you know...slow and steady and all that jazz, right?

There were a couple of "What are we having for dinner" / "Ugh, I"-style nights.  There were other, jeez I'm tired nights where I just ate whatever. And the weather conspired to make it a very inactive kinda time period.

So, yeah.  I gained back a couple of pounds.

However in other news, something strange happened to my already strange 'formerly known as a bellybutton' this week, and I THINK it was a natural repair happened. It has been incredibly sore, but it looks more like it used to, and it feels like there is solid material (like cartilage) behind it.  Not sure if this would be caused by the extra workouts/walking I have been doing, or the natural progression of my body's efforts to repair itself post-pregnancy, but I'll take it!

I'm also happy that I chose on one evening to PVR a show in order to head out for a fast walk to the drug store to mail an envelope. It was a good cardio trip, and I even, under the cover of night (absolutely required, I assure you), tried to jog a little bit.  It was a heavy, cumbersome shuffle, and little teeny bones in my foot were protesting, as were my knees, but I did a bit of it, in any event.  I have a long way to go. 

And I know.  I sound like I am 500lbs. The picture I paint is gruesome compared to the reality.  But honestly? This is how it truly feels to try to jump in the air, jog or whathaveyou.  It's CRAZY the effort it feels like it takes to get my feet off the ground.  But I'll get there, I really will.

Also of note is that this week I was contacted by a woman who was recently certified to train in the Tupler technique mentioned in my last Losing It post. She will be offering a seminar in May, but more than that, she is interested in a before and after shot for her site.  I'm definitely contacting her. I need her input to help me get motivated to do these exercises, and I really want to know how to do them properly.  Should be interesting.  More to come on that soon.

So.  Week three beckons.  How will I do?  Well, we shall see.  The weather needs to cooperate, first and foremost.

How are you doing?

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