Friday, April 1, 2011

Day and Week One of project Mummy's Tummy

So here we go.  Is it a grandios launch? No.  Just a stroll with the kidlets with other twin mommies and a bit more health-concious eating, but it's a start.  Tonight, I will try to do a few simple ab exercises and see how those go.

Project Mummy's Tummy has now launched.

Opening stats:

Weight (a deceptive) 215 lbs
Bust 45 inches
Waist 47 inches
Hips 46 inches
Upper thigh 27 1/2 lbs

For the record, I plan to take 'before' photos of my bellybutton, my granny panties, and yeah, a full body shot in a bikini (the boundaries are pretty loose in my world, but they are still there!) to post at some point, but I think I'll hold onto them for a little while - until I have an awesome 'after' shot to go with it and save a bit of face.

Until then?  That full body shot may end up on the fridge...

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