Monday, April 20, 2009

Death by common cold?

EVERY SINGLE BREATH IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT, IS A GAME OF WILL - the will to make it one more breath without hacking and wheezing through another bout of coughing. EVERY night and EVERY morning - and at least once during EVERY night - I attempt to breathe through stuffed nose and sinus congestion and EVERY morning, I pray that today will be the day that I feel marginally better.

All I know is that the pregnancy books never really warned me against coming anywhere near anyone with a common cold. Who knew that a simple cold, lovingly caught at the same time my body is busy piecing together a placenta and growing a fetus, gets the complete shaft from my immune system, if running rampant through my weak but bigger every day body? Who knew that every single symptom of cold would stick around like a couch potato teenager moving back into his parents' place over and over again? I didn't. And when you add that to the extreme daily levels of exhaustion I battle against each day, it is NOT pleasant!

And NOW. NOW I have a damn headache from coughing so much!

I just keep repeating to myself:

"At least I am not nauseous."
"It will be worth it"

Right? RIGHT?


Cue the laughing babies from the previous posts.

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