Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 weeks today - the heart should already be beating

So I am officially admitting it. I am pregnant again, and so far all systems point to good health for both Mommy and baby, although it is still early. I love the perfect symmetry of the timing of this pregnancy. I got the greatest birthday gift ever when I saw those two simple pink lines on my pregnancy test, and husband is going to have the joy of seeing his first born come into the world during his birthday month in November.

It is also interesting to note that although we miscarried in November last year, before the year is up, we will have a baby. How cool is that, and how heartening to think in the big picture sense that it was only three months of waiting to be blessed once again.

So Mom and Dad to be are very happy, if a bit reserved. Mom and Dad of Mom and Dad to be are very cautious, and both sets of concerned couples are very much looking forward to the early ultrasound that my doctor has generously prescribed. If all goes well, as early at 7.5 weeks (just a few days away, really) the heartbeat can be heard, and if this is the case, the viability of the birth is high (in lamens terms, that means you don't have to wait until the end of the first trimestre to heave a sigh of relief, as the fetus is said to be developing well, and that is mostly all you needed to know). So for others who are anxious and praying for good news...just know that you CAN and you will get pregnant again...maybe even within a couple of months.

Now. What is happening with my body, you may ask (or perhaps you don't want to know, but since my body has become a vessel for growing another human life, it is a bit consuming, so, tough.)? Well, other than a bit of queasiness here and there, the big deal is the loopy, foggy, completely exhausted half-asleep semi-consciousness that constitutes my waking life these days. MAN, am I ever tired! And don't even come NEAR my boobs. They are big and luscious, but look and don't least for the time being. My poor husband...

Time for a glass of milk and an early trip to bed - I am SUCH a party right now!!!

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