Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weeping over losers / My Heart's beat

Admittedly, it was an emotional night of The Biggest Loser - I mean, WOW, what changes they have gone through, and boy, those reunions were pretty heart-wrenching, but I MUST have crazy hormones because I haven't stopped crying! All the great news and the bad (Laura's hip stress fracture) - sometimes reality TV is all too real, you know? But then again, the ladies reading this blog know how great a "good cry" feels - especially if you aren't actually sad.

And I most certainly am not. Today, even though I am still hacking up a lung, was a GREAT day. Today I heard the little squishy bass beat of my baby's heart (139 bpm)and saw the little raspberry (literally - he/she is the size of a raspberry) swimming in this little black sack inside my belly. Cool, eh?

This early ultrasound was scheduled by my doctor as a means of putting our minds at ease after the miscarriage we suffered back in November. I didn't realize this was an option, but once, at this juncture - 8 weeks - you hear the heartbeat and know all is developing properly, your chances of not miscarrying are a lot better. So. Phone calls were made to the grandparents and the parents to confirm that all is well, and now the fun really starts...

If only I can shake this cold, and get a bit more energy on a daily basis, then I would be jumping and singing and full of happy sunshiny charisma. However for now I will settle for a calm peace and contentment and get my butt to bed to see if I can sleep without hacking up a lung!

What a great day, though!


  1. Could anyone tell me how Laura fractured her hip? I had to work and missed it.

  2. Just the start of a stress fracture that was caused by high impact workouts, and just kept getting worse. If she continued, she would need major surgery. If she focuse on rehab instead for at least 6 weeks, she could get better, but that obviously meant the end of her productive time at BL, and so she was voted off.