Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 Months - Solid fun

First, a quick update on the 'togetherness' project.  MOST nights, it's a success. They go to sleep easily, they sleep through the night, and yeah...they wake each other up at the same time in the morning. has proven not to be TOO much of an issue, as at least one is more progressed in their hunger than the other, and I can usually satisfy one hungry tummy before the next is begging for nourishment.  That said, the toughest challenge has been the fact that their schedule is so close for the rest of the day!  There have been a few too many instances without Daddy around of 'baby bird nest', where I feel like I only have one worm but two wailing beaks...and that's not fun. But I guess that's the way twins are.  When Daddy or a second adult are around, it's a breeze, and fun, and when I'm alone with them, it's generally great, but admittedly challenging, and sometimes upsetting and frustrating. And there have been a couple of rocky nights, and instances of one setting off the other, which is hectic when it happens - especially in the middle of the night.

However.  My babies are SIX MONTHS OLD, people!  Holy cow, how did THAT happen? Just yesterday we gave them rice cereal, their first solid food, ever.  They gulped it down like pros.  My little Alex is emulating Mommy and 'chewing' when I am eating now, reaching for the food I have in my hands.  Hailey, my picky milk drinker, had no trouble whatsoever with the food.  So cool. So  momentous. So....ah hell...upsetting!  I want my babies to stay babies!  Does anyone ever talk about the push/pull feelings moms go through as their children grow?  Especially when they know it is their last kick at that can?  It's crazy!

Here, a couple shots and a video of Hailey and her meal (Alex's photos are on the big camera, and I haven't had a chance to download and reduce their size):

Lots of fun times, change and adventure on the horizon, my friends - and sometimes, it's gonna be messy!

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