Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't blink or you'll miss something!

Phew!  Things are really moving.  Monday was our new home inspection - went splendidly.  You know you got a good home when the inspectors are just listing off a few "if you want to do A, you can extend the life of B" and that is it! I spent the bulk of the time snapping photos because I had the chance!  Here, a few of the faves. Hmmm...where to start?  Outside? 

The back yard (replete with path to the park behind and a water feature)

The kitchen and family room

Main floor laundry (so awesome - and washer/dryer included)

Foyer, formal living room, dining room and powder room

The fabulous staircase...

And the upper balcony (with a great view of the Bank, and afternoon sun for tanning and sipping wine - you know, while Daddy is playing with the girls...)

Upper level - what is soon to be the baby's nursery (with two big windows, seating area, closet insert)

The second bedroom - soon to be the girls' playroom.  Thinking we HAVE to make a window seat with storage for the bay window for them...what a great place to read! (wall to wall closet insert with shelves etc. in here too)

Upper hallway from one end and double-door entrance to the master!

The master (and closet, and ensuite - finally!!! - with a soaker tub - ahhh!)

And finally, the basement with 4th bedroom (with its own walk in closet) and...a workshop!  Mamma likes that a lot!  The pool table doesn't come with the house...but will become another play zone for the girls.

So.  That's a lotta great living space, eh?  We are so excited, we can't tell you.  And now...well, as of today we are listed on MLS and have the for sale sign on the lawn.  Come hither, all you needy first homey types!!!!

If you know anyone looking for an amazing starter home, send them here!

And...wish us luck.  Hope we don't need it!

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