Saturday, May 7, 2011

Squee! - We got a new home already

And, of course, are in chaos trying to get our current home ready to sell!

But first, the fun stuff!  We chose an agent and bought a house in the same day.  Yup - nice, easy paycheque for them, however they DID come through with some great finangling for us to allow us to get the place (and having cute twin babies show up on the doorstep when the current owners were still there MAY have helped too)! On a home that had already had two offers, one above asking, and with another SIX agents asking to be notified if an offer comes through so that their clients can have a chance to respond, we somehow managed to secure this home for 6K less than asking, with washer and dryer included, and not have any other offers (i.e. 2 hour window, so no time to let the others know).

Yah, I know.  I'm lucky.  This is the second house I have gotten in this manner, when it easily could have gone to competition.  I can't explain it, and I don't ask questions.  Just know that we are ecstatic, the house is gorgeous, is in a primo location, and will make us very, very happy for a long time!

In other news, we now have to focus on selling our home quickly.  Gah.  With two little babies at home (and knowing the very reason we are moving is because there is no space for anything anymore), ya gotta know that means a LOT of work to clear the home, clean the home, and get it 'showing ready'.  In short order too because if we don't list next weekend, the following weekend is the May 2-4 weekend, and THAT isn't any good for selling.  So this means chaos, and a lot of urgent work.  In fact, I shouldn't be writing a post at all.

But I had to share.

More details to come.  Inspection on Monday and I'll take lots of pictures to share!!!!

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  1. Congrats! This is super exciting! What neighbourhood? Come on ... we need all the details if we are to live vicariously :)