Monday, February 23, 2009

Catty claws and reality romance

Ah...the women tell all episode of The Bachelor. Okay, what? The old singles from all the old episodes of Bachelor/Bachelorette get together and GET TOGETHER? Actually....they all are perfect for each other. They all should join the Beautiful People website. Awwww...there's real love there! wow, that is cheezy.

So. who's it going to be? He's either going to make the wrong choice and go with the cutesy girl-woman Melissa, or he'll go with the wide-eyed balanced and much too good for him Molly. I just don't know what it is, but this Jason dude is trying much too hard to look perfect, and I am not biting. I mean, I seem to recall that Jason's home during his first appearance with Deanna was a normal apartment on LAND, and not a Sleapless in Seattle love boat, don't you? And he never seems to mention that he has shared custody with his boy, and isn't the 24-7 single sacrificing Pappy that he claims to be. I really liked my gal pal Jillian from northern Alberta, though. She came from Peace River, which is really close to where my Mom grew up, in a small wheat town called Hythe, near Beaverlodge (yup, you guessed it. They have a massive sculpture of a beaver as you enter town).

Well...the ladies are finally going to weigh in. Here we go - release the jungle cats and sharpen the claws....!!!

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