Thursday, February 5, 2009

White hot chocolate

Yes, it is one of those nights. Came home in the icy cold. Headed back out in the icy cold, then came home again in the icy cold, and now I am curled up under a cozy fleece blanket, watching the hockey game and sipping on a white hot chocolate, getting ready for the time when I can snuggle into bed.

I gotta admit that life just has a way of balancing itself out, you know? I mean, I had the insanest of days at work today, and really REALLY did not want to go out to play volleyball, and yet the match was easy, we won and moved up to a tier we haven't reached all year, we got home earlier than expected because we won easily, and now I am enjoying a bit of me time before bed. AND tomorrow is friday, so hey...


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