Monday, February 2, 2009

When hunger gets to be too much...

The biggest - huge - mistake when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle (assuming you are on that lifestyle path...I mean, there are many MANY worse things you can do if you are NOT trying to be healthy) is to wait until you are truly famished before eating something. I mean, I am very well aware that the key to maintaining my body's energy stores and to stopping binge eating is to eat small, healthy meals all day long, but...uh...that didn't happen this afternoon, and now I am bloody stinking hungry. Visions of sugarplums, Big Macs, meat lovers pizzas and ketchup chips are dancing in my head, and boy, they are wedged pretty tight in there. But wait! Will the bouncer let in an Elgin Street diner smoked meat poutine platter? Why, yes it will!

That saying, I just managed to force myself to eat some fresh zucchini while my spaghetti sauce thaws, and at least I can have some whole wheat spaghetti...and the massive hunger pangs are subsiding now....

But if you were to place a plate of that poutine in front of me, I'd pay you a LOT of money still to be allowed to eat it.

I'm only human.

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